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After Hour Agent

The calls that you miss when closed are no longer a problem with our service, we’re answer the phone for only $39 per month!

Distinguish your company from your competitors by making representatives available 24/7 with an effective after hours answering.

  • Representatives available 24/7 are based in the United States.
  • Phone messages delivered to your company by email, fax, or text.
  • All calls picked up in three rings or less!
  • No required costs related to set-up and programming of phone script.

Let Us Help With Your After Hours Answering Needs By Getting Started With Our Service

While all answering services are beneficial, our after hours answering service is an essential component of your business because it grants your current and future clients direct access to your company when you aren’t open. Small businesses and other companies alike are rarely open 24/7, meaning that customers that call during off-hours are typically confronted with an impersonal, automated message. However, you can avoid this by using an answering service and providing your customers with a consistent resource to speak to at all hours.

When customers call once your business is closed, your potential to miss out on valuable opportunities increases significantly. It isn’t a secret that customers don’t want to speak to a machine when they call. In fact, there have been several surveys conducted to reveal this exact fact, one of which was completed in 2011 by Consumer Reports.

When questioned about the irritability of not being able to reach a human on the phone, consumers on a scale of 1 to 10 ranked this an 8.9! Additionally, when a multi-step process is necessary, consumers report an irritability score of an 8.5.

As a point of comparison, these same consumers were asked to report on how irritable pushy sales associates are while shopping in a store. This result was lower than that of the statistic gathered about the phone survey, ranking at an 8.2. Of course, this suggests that even pushy salespeople pale in comparison to the inability to speak to a human agent on the phone.

There are also some companies that swear by voicemail, although this simply perpetuates other problems. If a customer calls after hours and is confronted with a voicemail machine, the likelihood of them leaving you a message is slim to none. This is especially true when they can simply call one of your competitors just as easily, putting them in direct contact with a service rather than in a place where they will have to wait for you to return their call.

Urgent calls also commonly occur after hours. If customers with a time sensitive matter call and receive a voicemail machine, they will definitely not leave a message. However, if you implement our after hours answer service with your business, there will always be a live agent in place to answer the phone, ensuring that you have a much better chance of securing clients this way.

Allow yourself to focus on what matters in your company while leaving the after hours calls to our professionals.

Our Call Operators Will Answer Your Phone After Hours

So, what is an after hours call service all about? When your business is closed and you are unable to answer the phone, all calls will be rerouted to one of our courteous, professional associates. Because we have your phone script, we will be able to answer the phone in a manner that matches your business’ typical script, allowing customers to leave a message and their contact information. Once we have gathered this information, we will then forward it to you via your choice of either text, fax, or email. Then, you can determine how to best handle each individual customer, calling some and emailing others as you deem appropriate.

Off hours are the time in which most companies lose business. Customers want to call and have their needs taken care of, not to wait for a returned phone call in the coming days. When you use our answering service, you are provided with endless support when you need it most. As a result, you will never again have to worry about missing out on valuable opportunities that come while you aren’t at your company.

With a cost starting at just $39, the benefits far outweigh the costs of our service, and if you 24 hour call management 24 hour answering.

Our after hours service cannot be Beat

After Hour Operators Ready To Go

At Flat Answering Service, we pride ourselves on providing each of our clients with US-based operators who handle business in a way that is professional and respectable.

For a foremost, cost-effective solution to your missed calls, choose our company and end the annoying rings, busy tones, and automated messages once and for all.

Ready to change the way your company works when it’s closed?

If you’re ready to expand your business in a way you never thought possible, you can sign up for our after hours answering service below. If you’re unsure for any reason, please contact us for more information on how Flat Answering Service can transform your business.