Industries Served By Our US-Based Answering Service

Our quality answering service is suitable for many industries and business models — especially small businesses answering service! Here are some specific examples. Don’t see your industry listed? Don’t worry — we can probably help you no matter what your needs are.

Professional Offices

Legal Offices / Attorneys

Professionalism is of the utmost importance for attorneys and they should be represented in a very business-like manner. Our legal professional applications paired with our live, skilled telephone agents provide an extra layer of customer service, whether you freelance or have a franchise firm. Our dedicated telephone professionals will answer each of your missed calls promptly and relay all the information you need while representing your organization with the highest of standards.

Holistic Health Practices

You already have a successful practice, but in order to keep it that way you need to grow your availability. Your patients need to reach you at all times. Many answering services can run you upwards of $100 a month, but with our service, $39 a month is all it takes to give your patients peace of mind.

Doctor’s Offices / Clinics

Don’t settle for voice mails and answering machines. Your patients would rather hear a voice on the other end of the line in their times of need. Flat Answering Service provides the live, personal operator your patients want, instead of a cold, impersonal voice mail. It shows your patients you care – more than other offices that leave them with a machine and a prayer. No matter the size of your practice, we can handle your missed calls without disrupting your normal operations.

Management Services

Financial Services

Customers go to financial planners, stock brokers and bankers for advice and answers regarding investments, taxes, insurance, wills & trusts, and mortgages – just to name a few – and often those communications are time-sensitive. Our flat-rate service provides a way for your customers to reach you without interrupting your daily schedule. Our call answering services will represent you with the same professionalism with which you represent yourself.


Even more important as the high quality work you do is making sure you respond to your customers’ calls – and quickly. One missed or incorrectly communicated call could result in a missed job opportunity or an unhappy customer. The contractors who work with us are provided with the support they need to succeed. Whether you work alone or with a staff, our answering services for small businesses ensures you connect with each customer and potential client.

Property Managers

Keeping your tenants happy and in your property is at the core of your business. Part of that is being readily available when a tenant calls. We makes you available as required by law with our skilled telephone agents. Whether you manage one property or several, we will make sure you get the requests and questions from each of your tenants in a timely, accurate manner.

Entrepreneurs / Sales

Home Business Owners / Entrepreneurs

Success as a home business owner requires handling most of the workload on your own. To gain an advantage over your competitors, simply answering calls and questions that arise can be the deciding factor. Let us become your advantage with a live operator answering all of your missed calls. Don’t miss out on the opportunity for business by making your potential customers call elsewhere. Earn loyal customers with our reliable answering service!

Real Estate Agents / Brokers

The majority of home sellers complete their transactions through a real estate professional that can decipher confusing paperwork and facts and figures. Agents act as a buffer between the average buyer and seller, and the often overwhelming terminology and processes of real estate. Updates on the current market can pop up at any time. Get the upper hand on your competition by ensuring that you are available to your clients at all times with a professional, live operator.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents spend their time either out of the office tending to customers or on the phone. We can handle all of your missed calls and overflow calls so that you can take care of every customer. In addition to protecting against future financial loss from injury, illness, death, theft, or property damage, insurance agents need to be available when the unexpected happens and we can catch whatever calls you miss.