Answering Service for Contractors – Plumbers, Construction, Remodeling & More

General Contractor Answering ServiceAs a general contractor — whether you are a plumber, construction manager, electrician or home improvement professional — it’s important for clients and potential clients to be able to reach out at all times.

This is why our general contractor answering service is so valuable to your business.

It’s something that not every contracting service thinks of doing, but it will certainly set you apart from the competition. If a customer calls and cannot get an answer from you, they are likely to hang up and find the next available contracting service who can take care of their specific needs at that time. Basically, having a phone answering service can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to your business.

We have a host of operators standing by who will answer every call that you receive if you yourself cannot make it to the phone, and always by the third ring. This is true whether you’re experiencing call overload, are on a break or are simply off duty (weekends, after hours, etc.) This reduces downtime and prevents customer impatience. All of our US-based operators are waiting by the phones 24/7, so even if you have an emergency contracting service, we can take your calls at 3am in order to ensure that your customers are always happy.

You get all of these great services and advantages at only $39 a month — an incredible price for a service that is necessary for your business’s success

After all, you could have the best marketing strategies in the world, but if nobody can get a hold of you then you will not make any sales or get any new jobs. So don’t wait for another missed call to consider the advantages of using our services for your business.

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