Flat Answering Service Demo

Saving your business, one client at a time

Want to see how Flat Answering Service’s service works? Call Flat Answering Service at 1-800-500-1490. You will be talking to the same operators who will be answering for your business.

You will be patched through on a live call transfer to me, Dennis Holmes, or simply tell the operator this is a test call. Either way, you will see how quickly your calls will be answered in a professional yet friendly manner.

With your service – callers give the operator their message and you will  receive a text, email or fax of what they said right after they hang up!

In addition to the messages you receive in real time, we will provide you with an end of day summary of all your calls.

As your messages come in, you can decide when to return them.

See how easy it is today to make your business seem more professional to clients. Sign up for Flat Answering Service today and let us take your calls for you, so that you can do other important things — like running your business!