Small Business Answering Service That Gives You A Big Business Presents


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Our small business answering service helps you manage large call volumes…all for the low monthly fee of $39!

When you have a live person answering your calls, you not only distinguish yourself from your competitors, but you attract new customers as well.

  • All calls picked up quickly in three rings or less!
  • No programming fees or set-up costs for your phone scripts.
  • Messages delivered to you by your choice of fax, text, or email.
  • Phone operators based in US and always available 24/7.

What can a small business answering service do for you?

A Call answer service for small business can be beneficial for a multitude of different reasons from promoting business to ensuring the satisfaction of your customers. One of the leading benefits experienced by most companies is the ability to offer current and future customers a resource that they can use at all times, particularly when a company is closed. Small businesses are likely to benefit most from this, as their hours of operation may be shorter than most, giving them a longer range of time to miss out on potentially new customers. As a result, there are numerous benefits to be had when companies take advantage of our small business call service to speak with customers during off hours.

Missed opportunities are the worst repercussion to result from unanswered calls. No customer calls a business hoping to get answered by a machine. This idea has been demonstrated repeatedly in studies, especially one conducted in 2011 from Consumer Reports.

When given a scale spanning from 1 to 10, 10 indicating the most irritable, customers reported that being answered by an automated message rather than a live agent ranked at an 8.9! In the case that there was multi-step processes required, customers reported an irritability score of an 8.5.

In contrast, pushy sales associates didn’t even rank this high! In fact, these same customers ranked aggressive salespersons at an irritability score of 8.2, demonstrating that even handling obnoxious individuals in person is less agitating than not being able to speak to a live operator when calling a company.

However, the fact is that many businesses tend to rely on voicemail, even if it produces more problems. The leading issue with voicemail is that callers will often fail to leave a message, let alone their information so that you can call them back. If they feel as if they can get a hold of a competitor more easily, there is nothing stopping them from doing so.

Of course, there is also the issue regarding time sensitive matters as well. These customers will never leave a message, especially if they have an urgent concern that must be immediately addressed. If you’re a small business owner without a live operator able to immediately offer assistance, you will indefinitely lose out on these individuals. When you turn to a small business answering service, this will no longer have to be a concern.

Focus on what makes your small business unique by allowing us to manage the calls that can often overwhelm employees at small businesses.

Our small business call service can do what you can’t

As a small business owner you might be wondering, how exactly can this service help my business? When you or your employees are unable to field the calls that your company is receiving, our service does what you can’t. By rerouting your calls, one of our friendly operators will pick up the call by using the telephone script provided to us. We take a message and subsequently deliver it to you through your chosen method of either text, email, or fax. Once you have this information, you can do with it what you please. In some cases, you may just need to send an acknowledgement email whereas in others, a returned phone call might be in order.

Never again let potential customers slip through the cracks because your small business is simply unable to take all the calls that you are receiving. Supplant the dreaded automated message with our small business professional telephone service and give your customers contact to a live operator every time that they call.

With costs beginning at just $39 monthly, our affordable service cannot be beat. Take advantage of this incredibly low pricing to begin revolutionizing the way that your business handles phone calls.

Our premier call center service is everything that you need

Small Business Live Operators Ready To Go

Unlike other companies that tend to use overseas operators, we offer our clients nothing but the best with courteous, professional, US-based representatives.

To end the busy signals, endless rings, and impersonal voice messaging once and for all, contact First Answering Service, your affordable solution to the endless saga of missed opportunities and unanswered calls.

Ready to revolutionize your small business?

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