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Let our live telephone answering service manage the calls that you can’t for a low price of just $39 each month!

When you have someone present to answer your calls, you avoid losing clients to your competitors.

  • Phone calls picked up quickly in three rings or less.
  • Phone script free from set-up or programming fees.
  • Operators based in the US accessible at all times 24/7.
  • Messages delivered to you through your choice of email, text, or fax.

Why implement a telephone answering service?

Our service is beneficial for countless reasons, primarily because it gives your customers a way in which they can reach your company, even when you aren’t open. There are very few small businesses that are open at all hours of the day, every day of the week, making it increasingly important that your clients can speak to someone when necessary. When you choose our premier services, you can rest assured that your clients will always have someone to talk to.

 Opportunities are missed too often because of unanswered calls. It has been shown that customers always want to talk to a person when they call, and not to an automated machine. For further proof, you can examine a 2011 study completed by Consumer Reports.

 The study discovered that on a scale measuring level of irritability from 1 to 10, individuals who were unable to get a human representative on the phone ranked the experience at an 8.9! Furthermore, multi-step processes rate an 8.5 when measured for irritability.

 For comparison purposes, there was also a measure taken of aggressive salespeople in the store regarding their irritability. Consumers rated these individuals at an 8.2, demonstrating that even the most pushy salespeople don’t produce an irritability rank higher than that of not being able to speak to a live agent on the phone.

 Of course, many people feel as if they can just rely on their voicemail; however, this isn’t the case. In fact, depending on voicemail produces more issues, the primary problem being that the majority of people who call won’t leave a message. If they could easily reach one of your competitors, there is nothing to lose by calling another company.

 There are also instances in which the reason for a call may be time-sensitive or in need of immediate attention. When this occurs, customers will often select the first company that they can talk to, meaning that they won’t be your clients unless someone is there to answer the phone. When you use our high-quality live telephone answering service, you won’t have to worry about this problem any longer.

 Pay attention to what really matters in your business by allowing us to manage your phone answer service from our call center.

Our call center fills in the gaps in your call management

Many people may begin to question just how our service operates. If your employees are unable to answer a call, one of our operators will. By using your script, the operator will then take down the message and phone number to be delivered to you by email, text, or fax. After this point, you can manage these messages in a way that is most appropriate, meaning that you don’t even necessarily have to call each person back either.

If you find that you are consistently overwhelmed with calls or are having a lot of calls during your non-operational hours, our business answer service can help. We can help to prevent your company from losing business to competitors as a result of missed calls, answering your calls for you in a way that is both polite and professional.

With other options ranging upwards of $100, you can take advantage of our low monthly rate starting at just $39.

No one can beat our services

Answering Live Operators Ready To Go

Our services include US-based operators who are ready to speak to your customers in a courteous way.

If you’re a business owner in need of an affordable solution to your missed calls, turn to First Answering Service. We ensure that your current and future clients are greeted with more than just an impersonal, automated voice, a busy signal, or seemingly endless rings that will drive them elsewhere.

Ready to transform your business?

If you’re ready for the solution that you’ve always been waiting for when it comes to missed client opportunities, you can sign up for our premier services below. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us prior to making your final decision.